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We are all becoming more aware of the environmental impact our daily habits, and consumption have on creating waste materials. The need to find safe and sustainable solutions for managing our waste is becoming a matter of urgency. Landfill is no longer the answer. Not only is our landfill space diminishing, but the very act of creating landfill sites has an impact on the environment. The biodegradable material that typically goes to landfill creates methane emissions which in turn, contribute to the greenhouse effect. Pollution from organic acids, ammoni,a and other hazardous substances can leech into soil and water tables. Landfill and many other waste treatment methods fail to recognise the value in waste. Fusion Waste Solutions does, and provides effective and innovative solutions to tackle such material management problems with zero waste going to landfill. Our combination of technologies will recycle, recover, and convert typically hard to process materials into new product.

We can turn waste into:

• Inert material
• Plastics Glass
• Ferrous and non ferrous metals
• Renewable Energy
• Chemicals
• Mercury
• Metals

Advanced Materials Recycling Facility: (AMRF)

The advanced materials recycling facility is used to separate mixed materials that are delivered from all industries and domestic customers. It achieves this by using highly automated sorting systems. This process enables recyclables to be separated and segregated using a variety of machinery including lasers, and optical recognition systems. This specialised technology separates and prepares material for the recycling, and energy recovery stages. MRFs are common place in today's society and are the cornerstone of most recycling operations. What makes our process different is that the technology does not rely on manual sorting and the output from the MRF is recycled and recovered on site, not away from the facility thereby reducing significant pollution, costs, and ensuring that the value in the material is realised in the Local area not elsewhere. All products that leave our site are used to start the manufacturing process again or produce power for industry and domestic use. The Fraction that is used for producing power is made up of all the biomass that was mixed with the waste; this is the major part that standard Recycling Facilities send to Landfill. After the biomass has been used for the production of power we extract further byproducts by the means of a plasma plant with out this technology these products would be lost and the residue would have to be placed in landfill.

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