Core Values

Environmental Care, Health & Safety, and Quality are the values of Fusion Waste Solutions each reflected in how we act in society, how we approach our customers, employees, and how we produce our products.


Zero Waste - Increasing recycling, and renewable energy for Business and Domestic use.

New jobs during construction, and an additional 50 skilled / professional local jobs once operational.

600,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide saving per annum.

Recycling carried out within the country that the waste was produced.

Providing (Biomass fuel) for our partner to produce enough renewable electricity for 60,000 homes.

Recovery of metals, chemicals and other inorganic materials that would normally have to be mined to replace that lost in landfill.


Fusion Waste Solutions only accept the very highest standards on all issues concerning health and safety - both within our own sites and throughout the communities and environments in which we work.

We commit considerable time and effort in assessing the possible risks to anyone affected by our operation. These are carefully recorded, and where any significant risk is identified we take appropriate action to eliminate risk. Where necessary we provide written Safe Operating Procedures to all relevant employees.

All our staff or Subcontractor's have to go through our stringent training policy - ensuring that they are equipped to fulfil their roles safely, and in compliance with all legal requirements. We are constantly up dating our procedures for staff and subcontractors to enable them to complete any requirements as a condition of continued employment.

At Fusion Waste Solutions our aim is to prosper in the business and the services that we provide. To achieve this aim, our strategy is to supply promptly and without fail, products and services that will meet the expectations and needs of our customers, suppliers and the Environment. All staff are trained with quality being the only standard excepted. The ultimate quality test is in the control of our customers, suppliers and the environment. Fusion Waste Solutions only offer one Standard of Quality the very best.

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